Party at Greyskull!

The title has nothing to do with the initial post but…I wanted to have some with Greyskull for I’ve been having that on my mind the whole day for some reason.

Remember a while back when I ranted about todays Hip-Hop/Rap? Well consider this Part 2. I never really got the difference between Hip-Hop and Rap…I think…the Hip-Hop is more upbeat and cheerie and Rap is about…how hard everything is with a bit of a darker tone? Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong? One thing that really bothers me with todays artist, and this is not necessarily exclusively directed to rap artist, is that they are FUCKING LAZEE, YO! Here’s a little test for you:

This is from T-Pains album Thr33 Ringz (yeah…)

1. Welcome to Thr33 Ringz Intro 1:27

2. Ringleader Man 2:54

3. Chopped & Skrewed (featuring Ludacris) 4:21

4. Take a Ride (Skit) 1:45

5. Freeze (featuring Chris Brown) 3:36

6. Blowing Up (featuring Ciara) 3:24

7. Can’t Believe It (featuring Lil Wayne) 4:33

8. It Ain’t Me (featuring Akon & T.I.) 3:45

9. Feed the Lions (Skit) 1:28

10. Therapy (featuring Kanye West) 3:34

11. Long Lap Dance 4:36

12. Reality Show (featuring Musiq Soulchild, Raheem DeVaughn & Jay Lyriq) 4:27

13. Keep Going 2:14

14. Superstar Lady (featuring Young Ca$h) 3:17

15. Change (featuring Akon, Diddy & Mary J. Blige) 5:10

16. Digital (featuring Tay Dizm) 3:14

17. Karaoke (featuring DJ Khaled) 4:09

Do you see? Look closelier…look…MORE closelier. Without counting intro’s and skits T-Pain is only by himself on 3 songs!! Three, out of seven-fucking-teen! That amazes me for some crazy reason. Now I haven’t heard these songs, I don’t feel I need to either, but I can almost assure you that half of these even have samples from other famous songs that they loop and put a rhythmical beat to with a catchy chorus line like “Oh oh-whoa, ’cause Imma gonna keep going, yes, I’m gonna keep-keep-keep going” all in auto-tune of course! Remember when rappers had guns and drive-by sessions. Now they have auto-tune and the nerve to interrupt someones award speech. You go gangsterz! I remember a few years ago…I think…that Perez Hilton (yeah that guy…that has a blog about…something) called or William James Adams Jr. a faggot. Which to Sir William responded on his VLOG or V-Log or just video log, that was the worst thing you could call him. Not that it’s wrong to be homosexual, just because it’s not true. So by that logic he would be greatly offended if I went to his message board and called him a banana? Right?! I mean…that should sting more, I am calling him a piece of fruit, a faggot is at least still a human unless Perez meant the old meaning of faggot which is “Faggot (unit), archaic unit of measurement for bundles of sticks“…but I highly doubt that. Also…really? THAT’S the worst thing?! What about cunt?(nigger) or dickface?(slave) or Jizzmaster Flex?(spearchucker) or asshole(black asshole) or just the N-word. But the fact that he got offended by that isn’t the funny part to me. Is that they bickered over the internet, on each others blogs and vlogs. Grow a pair and just shoot someone. Some might think that this entry is a bit racist…I say it’s observant. I haven’t been in the REAL hood in New York, Atlanta or Detroit, but I’ve seen movies. I saw “YO! MTV Raps!” when it aired. I doubt that it actually looked really nice, Wisteria Lane-nice, but the video director said “You know…This setting doesn’t fit your song or lyrics, let’s make this place like terrible and frightening so people can see where you come from and might relate more to the song itself so it will sell better, yeah?” To which Easey-E responded “Brilliant idea old bean! After that let’s have tea and crumpets and take turn riding on my prize-winning pony; Stardream, myeeees.”

I’ve seen ghetto movies, I’m down 4-life…or something. In reality if you would drop me of in, let’s say, a below middle-class neighbourhood where the crime rate is quite high and the demographic of the population are young african-american teenagers with a troubled past, troubled present and presumably troubled future where all they know is crime, trying to not get shot on a daily basis and trying to make it in the music industry…needless to say…I would piss my pants. And they would see it and they would laugh and make fun of me…………then I’d get robbed and shot in my leg. Although that’s not to say I wouldn’t be equally frightened if you dropped me of in the upper-east side in Manhattan where everyone who lives there is above middleclass and how! Of course not for the same reason just mostly because if anyone noticed that my hair was a bit a skewed or my jeans had a small rip, some old rich bitch would call the lynching security faster than you can say “One billion-billion? Harr, that’s what I made this morning and I haven’t even finished breakfast, harr!”

But yeah…rap! I just somewhat miss the originality to it all. Before…in the long-long-long ago you had to have “it”. Now…you can just copy Lady Gaga and you’re in. Although cynicism aside I fully know it’s not THAT easy. I couldn’t walk in to Sony BMG with a meat dress and they would give all of their moneys. But it somewhat seems that as long as you have the freak-factor (which is todays it-factor) you have a chance. A fine example is Rihanna…never been a fan obviously because I still don’t know how to say her name. But when I first saw that video Pon De Replay on MTV Fresh I thought to myself “This isn’t my cup of virgins blood but I can just sense that she will be huuuuge in a couple of years” which isn’t maybe…an amazing gift but I thought they same way with Pink when her first single and video came out ( I don’t remember the name) she had a shock-pink buzzcut and stood in font of a basketball court (in “the hood”, mind you) rap-singing about a guy…that in the video played Playstation (YOU GO MAN!!) and then she rides a motorcycle on rooftops…it…it was a mess. But I thought to myself “Change your image and style and it might be something of it” and it…was! She’s super popular now, granted she hasn’t released anything new in a while…I think?  I don’t listen to radio at all but the only time I hear the radio is on the bus or in stores and they only play Rihanna and Pink. Now I’m getting off-track as usual but what I meant for the freak-factor and Rihanna is; look how she re-invented herself. Look up any of her new videos, a specially that S&M song that has GAGA written all over it, and of course, like Gaga, it screams sex.

So today isn’t about originality, it’s about being weird and freaky. Which, you know, sure I can agree that some stuff is original…but to me it just seems that it’s popular to be that way. Being weird for the sake of being weird…and being popular isn’t being original at least not in the long run. Remember Converse All-Star shoes? Those white ones? I had a pair when I was younger, we’re talking 13-14-15 years ago. I remember getting teased for that (and many other things *SADDEST OF FACES*) kids called me poor for having those shoes and back then…they were cheap. Now…if I would tease or fucking…even COUNT the amount of Converse shoes I see walking down the street I would exhaust myself into oblivion and transform myself into a giant black hole, imploding the world and univ-….hmm…I think I’ve already used that one in some earlier post…oh well. Time repeats itself, right?

I am THIS many!

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2 Responses to Party at Greyskull!

  1. T says:

    try Immortal Technique. or Jedi Mind Tricks.

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