I put the “Oaf Shin” in “Fashion”

I don’t get fashion.
I don’t get how clothes can be such a discussed subject and how taboo certain commercials are.
I have never understood the mentality behind being a “fashionista”. Hell, I’m not even sure I know what a fashionista even does…or…doesn’t do. Is it like a kitchen appliance?

I was just checking out what other blogs are popular here on WordPress and Bloglovin’ , just to see what my blog might be missing.
Apparently it needs pictures of clothes.  Pictures of models posing in clothes and a text underneath it explaining what the women on the picture are wearing.
More pictures and less text.
This is not how I roll though, because like I mentioned, I don’t get fashion. I don’t know what’s in nor do I feel the need to.
I’m horrible company when someone wants me to go shopping with them.
“-How about this? – It’s a shirt. – Yeah but what do you think of it? – …it’s a blue shirt.”

I don’t see why clothes have such a big impact on our society. I get that people want to look nice and I believe in that people should wear what they find  themselves comfortable in even though that’s bullshit. Because if everyone wore what they thought was comfortable most people would just walk around in sweatpants and a worn out t-shirt or better yet, completely naked, if society was cool with that.
I find it almost… otherworldly that someone can buy a normal buttoned shirt that costs three times more than another, identical one, just because it has a little crest or emblem on the chest. Is it just to show other people you can afford it? Is it so the opposite sex might think “That person is doing well. I’m going to have sex with them.” 
And don’t give me that quality crap. When it comes to a buttoned shirt the only quality should be focused are the buttons, those are the fuckers that go first if anything and it’s not really like they use amazing fabrics on the more expensive shirt either. It’s the label.
But I get that it’s sometimes, or better yet; to certain clothes, a quality issue…but somehow I don’t believe it’s always the truth. People who can afford it don’t buy expensive clothes because of the quality or necessarily that they think something looks nice. They buy it because they can and they need to keep their image. It’s what they should wear.
I’ve seen some of the crap people wear because it’s popular, I don’t know if this applies everywhere but those fur-vests ladies wear? What the fuck was that? It honestly looked like clothes I don’t even touch in games like Skyrim. Who thought that looked good? I find it hilarious though that ladies shave, pluck, rip out, wax and laser away hair on their entire body but their ok with that piece of clothing that in a second gave them a hairier chest and back than Robin Williams.

See here’s my point to it all, I suppose, who decides this? Who decides that a particular look or clothing garment is the new thing to wear? Who makes young girls feel inadequate about themselves? It’s magazines, internet sites and commercials but who decides them? Journalists and fashionistas (am I using it right?) on gala events and runway shows. So it comes back to the designer whom is the culprit?  I think it’s some Illuminati shit going on! But honestly. I can’t believe the power they have. I can’t understand how blind people seem to be when it comes to clothes. Like now the big summer hubbub are bikinis (and rightfully so, I suppose), and I’ve seen some commercials about them and…it’s just a swimsuit with a 60’s design? How is this new? And another one was just…orange.
“-No but it’s peach colored and it has a little gold hoop that keeps the cups together. – It’s orange and you have brain-damage.”

I’d rather go to a second-hand store and buy some shirts there for a much, much better price and the options are much vaster than in normal stores, well, not normal stores. If anything the stores we usually think of as normal are in reality fucking bonkers. Why are there so many themed stores? Those stores that only have one style of clothing in them? Clothing stores that claims to be Rock ‘n’ Roll just because they have skulls on shirts or distressed shirts with AC/DC on them. Where are the I-don’t-really-care-that-much kind of stores?
It’s not like I completely don’t care what I wear, I want to be clear on that. Of course when I open my t-shirt drawer I don’t just grab the first thing and put it on, but at the same time I don’t PLAN what I’m gonna wear like the day before or take forever to decide what I’m going to wear. I wear what I think looks  good on me and I don’t really care where it comes from nor if it’s a famous label. I don’t really have a style either. I’m not gonna say “I have my own style” because I’m not really THAT pretentious. But it can shift a lot during a week. One day I might have an overly-colored band t-shirt, the next I might wear a long-sleeved shirt and a tie, on another day I might throw on a Back to the future t-shirt and a denim shirt over that.

It’s unfortunate but fashion is mostly directed towards women.I know that women are more exposed to beauty ideals and they feel bad about themselves, which truthfully only makes me sad as well because I hate when chicks are so brainwashed by all that sludge of a fashion industry when they are in fact fucking gorgeous. But this applies to men too. not as much, but it does. I feel horrible about myself when I see an underwear commercial, son-of-a-hunk! I mean…bitch. There are commercials for men and magazines and what not but honestly…it’s fucking ridiculous as well. Not that the clothes are weird like animal-vests but it’s mostly just long-sleeved shirts and suits. I don’t see the innovation or at least; the trendyness. I really don’t know what men are supposed to wear nowadays. What’s in or not. And I’m kinda glad that I don’t care either. I mean, it’s not like I start obnoxious arguments with guys that might happen to wear trendy clothes. If they want to spend their money on it then who am I to say otherwise? I’m not their finance manager.

Wear what you want to bro’. But wear it because you want to and feel comfortable in it, not because someone tells you to. Then I do that gun shape with my hand and call him “Daddy-o”
There’s so much in the fashion industry I could bitch about and even stuff I’ve mentioned here that I could talk about on a deeper level but I just don’t have the strength to do it right now so I’d rather do a more researched “Part Two”.

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