Keep calm and carry on…my wayward son.

I finally have something to talk about again!
It’s about music and people…again!

I recently discovered that I have a hard time with “rockers”. You know, the kind I (and probably you) was between the age of 17 and 21.  The kind of people who can only talk about classic rock when on the subject of music and always wants to convert you by going on Youtube and saying “but just listen to this”.
The kind of person who thinks it’s cool to give you the finger in a picture, even though they mean it ironically, they have to do it in a quasi serious way because it is, after all, “rock and/or roll”.
Now, it isn’t fair to point out just the rockers but they are the ones that have made me notice that more and more people are going almost backwards when it comes to music.

When I say backwards I mean that I’ve noticed people defining themselves by the music they’re listening to. It’s nothing new that someone gets inspired by the music style they are listening to but at times it gets overboard. Like, yeah, we get it you like Iron Maiden. You don’t have to make me like them as well unless you get some sort of merchandise discount on recruiting people.
We can still be friends if you accept me not liking them, the same way I accept that you do.
I like rock music but I think that I’m on the other side of the looking-glass when it comes to classic rock; Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Kansas, The Doors, Eric Clapton, Creedance Clearwater, The Who etc.
Look, I’m fine that people can get passionate about music and that’s good, music is supposed to evoke emotions but when someone gets over-passionate about it they pretty much stop being a person to me and becomes more or less this promotional meat-bag about their favorite genre.

What has triggered me to write about this exactly? Well not only people on Facebook but also this “meltdown” video of Green Day’s lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. 
If you haven’t seen it it’s basically him getting angry on stage and falling in love with the word “fuck” after he gets a notice that they have one minute left on stage.
So he gets pissed and starts yelling that he isn’t “[…] fucking Justin Bieber” and that he has been around since 1988 (or something) and, eventually, smashing his guitar before leaving the stage.
Now, the comments on the video I found to be really…juvenile.

“Yeah! Totally punk!”

“Rock and roll Billie!”

“Justin Bieber sucks!!”

…and so forth.
I found it to be quite sad and depressing because well to be quite frank, Green Day should consider themselves lucky to still have fans and be relevant.
I mean, I started to wonder if the comments were written by new fans or actually old schoolers, because it felt like old school fans acting like children.
Maybe that’s because Billie himself acted like a child. Then again, it might have been a somewhat clever promo-stunt since their new three-piece album is called “¡Uno!” since he kept saying in an annoyed state that he only got one minute.
I liked Green Day when I was young but it’s that kind of music that you really do grow apart from. It’s very common that you do because the high-point of the punk-rock genre is in your middle teen years since that becomes a rebellious phase where you try to identify with unfairness and that, basically, “everything sucks”.
And he acted like a spoiled teenager, times change dude, you better go with the flow or else you’re done, nobody cares about the old Green Day anymore since clearly you don’t and refer to the band as “I” and “Me” and it’s just something the irks me that a guy in his 40’s still wears eye-liner.
My girlfriend told me that “well, so does Alice Cooper“. That’s a good argument but his image has always been like that, skulls, snakes, poison etc. He always had a hard-rock/metal kind of look and style.
Billie Joe hasn’t.

Now onto a similar subject and it’s about a person that I have already mentioned;
Justin Bieber also recently got a bit more famous for his faux pas on stage where he throws up.
I don’t know why it was so important for every news site and Youtube title that it was milk he threw up but, ok.
I’m gonna be honest now and say that I don’t have anything against him. He has done me no harm whatsoever and I don’t enjoy his music and my solution for that is to not listen to it.
I know it seems simple but obviously not if one is to take notice of how people react to his “fail” videos or him in general.
They rave and rant about he’s the worst thing that happened to music and how much he should die and meanwhile hardcore fans are defending him as if people are bullying a down syndrome kid.
I hate both sides.
The people who hate him has such an easy solution to their problem but doesn’t use it.
The fans put him up on such a high pedestal that they can’t see past the greatness of him.
Fans of Justin Bieber should really calm down when it comes to him because in all honesty, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes the new “child-star scandal”. I don’t know how old he is but I’m guessing he’s over 19 now and he is a huge pop-star with very few limits when it comes to requests.
So this is why I don’t think it was milk. Papers and sites and even himself can’t keep up the illusion of him being innocent and “that he’s doing it for the fans” forever and I think this is actually a big turning point.
Milk? Yeah maybe. Milk and liquor or cocaine.
The comments fans gave out to the videos and articles where really funny though. Again, defending him to the end of the earth that he actually came back and finished the concert. Yeah, I give credit where credit is due and that was cool of him. But that’s it really.
He wasn’t a hero as the fans try to immortalize him as.
I bet he took he just took another glass of…”milk” and felt strangely energized all of the sudden.

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