I never thought that this was going to happen. I didn’t even think this was a possibility.
Ladies and gentlemen, with no further ado I want to tell you that Disney has bought Lucasfilm.

I’m going to let that sink in for a moment because these are big news.

Ready for the next mind-blowing piece?

A seventh episode is scheduled to be released in 2015!
Now, honestly, I’m not sure how to react to this.
A lot of people seem upset and more importantly ask the question “Why?”. To paraphrase George Lucas he said that he wants to expand the Star Wars franchise for a new generation. Not only fans but filmmakers as well.

Star Wars has always been a majestic franchise will it be the movies, shows, video games, board games, clothes, toys and so much more. A franchise that has been milked since the 70’s but I never thought that it would go this far that they would add another movie to its legacy.
That is the piece of information that worries me a bit.
The fact that now Disney owns Lucasfilm isn’t a big deal for me, it’s really not, a specially if you stop and think about it. When Disney bought up Miramax you know what the first movie that came out was? Pulp Fiction. Disney bought Pixar, they seem to be doing quite well and haven’t screwed anything up, although I’m not happy with the strong rumors that they’re making (forcing, really) a Toy Story 4.
A lot of people are worried that they will screw up Star Wars and start abuse it even more; Star Wars-Disney crossover. If they actually make A New Hope or Empire Strikes Back with classic Disney characters I wouldn’t mind to be honest. Because that wouldn’t change anything. It would just be an homage, it’s not like when Family Guy and Robot Chicken made their parody version of the films people raged or got upset, if anything they were thrilled and excited for the next one.
If that doesn’t calm you down even slightly I can tell you this; I’m a Star Wars fan and I’m also a Marvel fan. I reacted quite strongly when I heard the news that Disney bought them but…then again…nothing has really changed. There hasn’t been a crazy movie were Mickey Mouse is Spider-Man. I’d like to quickly mention another movie that has come out since Disney bought Marvel: The Avengers.

The fact that they want to make a new Star Wars episode is the big deal here.
There was a game that came out about 2 years ago called Star Wars: The Force Unleashed that had an interesting story that actually connected the third movie with the fourth. The jist of the story was that Darth Vader sith lord De Joure has a secret apprentice called…ugh…Starkiller that he found as a child when attacking some village but of course Darth kinda uses him and betrays him and Starkiller now wants to kill him and yadda-yadda-yadda, he dies at the end and his family crest becomes the symbol for the Rebel Alliance in the movies. The hint is that it was thanks to him the Rebel Alliance did what they did.
But that was different. That was a game, not everyone played it nor took it seriously because it was more of a “what-if” scenario (at least that’s how I interpreted it).

I just have a hard time wrapping my head around what the seventh movie could be about. See, all of the six movies have a connection to them, in the first to third it’s about a young   Obi Wan Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker that eventually chooses the dark side and becomes Darth Vader. Then in the fourth to sixth movie it’s about Luke Skywalker and now, completely re-formed, Darth Vader so it’s hard to even imagine how the seventh one would be, all the actors are old as shit and the sixth movie tied everything together. It was an end.
The big thing that bothers me is that fucking roman number; VII.
It implicates that it will continue the story and yes, Star Wars has a huge history and depth to it with loads of possibilities, so the seventh film might not even center around a Jedi’s struggle, it might be about a bounty hunter like Han Solo or maybe Han when he’s a young teenager and how he met Chewbacca or maybe even the quest of the Tatooine cantina band trying to write a new song and the whole movie becomes a musical.
But that’s unlikely, it will undoubtedly follow another Jedi’s story and I’m fine with that either way because George “Everything I touch is gold” Lucas already destroyed the whole Jedi mythology in the prequel movies to fans with the whole mediclorians shit.
If you’re not a Star Wars fan that’s ok, I will explain it quickly. See when the first movie came out in the 70’s and they introduced the whole Jedi thing to the audience and it was amazing. It was magical, not how they introduced it in the movies but just the thought of it was fantastic that if you trained hard enough and had the willpower you could become a Jedi. This was an amazing thing as a child, I used to sit on my floor and try to move Star Wars toys with my mind and it never worked. But that’s ok, don’t feel sad for me because I got my answer several years later thanks to the prequel films. A Jedi is born a Jedi…they have something in their blood stream, like a gene or some crap, called mediclorians. That was a huge bummer to me, not that I thought I could actually become a fucking Jedi but that they thought they needed to explain it when it already was established really well in the first movies (original trilogy) how it worked.
Yeah, it might not sound like a big deal to you and even a bit pathetic from a grown man but to put in perspective what if it was reveled in say…the Harry Potter films that the reason Harry was so awesome is because he ate broccoli everyday. Would you feel that it was necessary to actually explain to the audience in unwanted detail what and why?
So yeah, it bothers me that they want to continue a saga that is finished.

“For a new generation” he said. Obviously he means kids, that’s what you mean by a new generation and that even boggles my mind even more. If you want a Star Wars movie for a new generation don’t follow up from the sixth one! Call it something else, I even have some suggestions; Star Wars: Jedi’s Adventure, Star Wars: Tales of The Force, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters Quest, Star Wars: When Han met Chewie, Star Wars: The Rise of Greedo, Star Wars: Droids Attack!

UPDATE: Since of yesterday it is confirmed that there will be a seventh episode.
Here’s an insider quote:

Star Wars Episode VII will not be based on any existing Expanded Universe material

Zeus’ nipples! Well then there’s even more reason not to call it “Episode VII” god dammit. Call it something else! Honestly, I know it might sound weird but it does make sense to call it “Star Wars II: Episode I”.

All in all, I am a bit worried mostly because I was brought up with these movies, it’s a part of me so it does feel strange that this is really happening.
However, I haven’t seen it yet, obviously, it might be a great addition to the franchise. But if it all fails we still have the original trilogy that will still, to this day, provide us with many hours of galactic fun and adventure.
May the force be with you.

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